VAX NemHandel is being phased out, but you can still download program updates here. Legal and technical maintenance of the system will continue until the end of 2017, but no new development will take place and the system will not be configured to be compatible with the future common European standards for electronic invoices in 2018. Click here to download program updates.

VAX NemHandel is being replaced by VAX 360 (Cloud) and VAX Integrator (Server)

VAX NemHandel is set to expire as a solution and will be replaced by VAX 360 (Cloud) and VAX Integrator (Server)

VAX 360 (Cloud) – Cloud-based NemHandel and integration solution.

VAX 360 (SaaS) is built on the rigorously tested and stable VAX platform. We have also added new functions and features so that it can be used as a platform for establishing integration between different systems. The advantage of a cloud-based solution is that mySupply handles the operation, on-going maintenance and updating of the system. There is no need for you to have your own function certificate or own PC/server for system operation.

VAX Integrator (Server)

VAX Integrator (Server) is a standardized integration solution that can form the framework for a coherent integration and communication platform in a company or public sector organisation. The systems of the future will be based on a high degree of integration capabilities to and from other systems and services. VAX Integrator (Server) is designed to perform these complex integration tasks.

More information

You can read more about our VAX 360 and VAX Integrator on the product page: (opens a new window)